XRMX Software solutions site is just a small part of XRMX.COM. With XRMX Software Solutions we aim to provide some unique programs and tools for every computer user to use.

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Software Pages
68000 Front End & Editor
68000 Editor, Assembler and Simulator lets you write and test assembly language programs for the Motorola 68000 processor.
The program is designed to lets you edit, assemble and simulate 68000 programs in a Windows environment.
Mp3 Stream Recorder
This application is designed to record mp3 streams of server so you can listen to the stream at a later time. You can also save your favourite servers, and specify the amount of the stream that you want to record, for more information about this program, please click on the link above.

Little Useful Proggies
Host Checker
Host Checker Version 1.0 - Checks to see if a host is up and running and reports the details to the user via a Windows GUI.
Do this
Do this Version 1.0.1 - This tiny program lets you shutdown, logoff and restart your computer quickly.

C Builder File Deleter
C Builder File Deleter displays a list of C Builder project files that are not needed and can be deleted, the user then has the option to delete the files. The user can delete all of a specified file type or a selected file. A must have if you have a network quota and need to create builder project files.
Web Cam Viewer / Client
The Web Cam Viewer is a client for web cams, this program let you view online web cams around the world. Stores images so you can keep tack of you favourite web cams.

The pH Table
A Program that tells you the pH. Has a colour chart and a example of each pH
Conversions Program
Conversion Weights, Temperatures and Measurements. This program also tells you a little information about metric units